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S1 Ep 5: Alan Marriott - making Island headlines for 37 years…

Season 1, Ep. 5

This week on the podcast we meet the editor and publisher of the Isle of Wight County Press - who’s worked on the paper for a massive 37 years. Not surprisingly then, he tells us the newspaper is ‘in his blood’. We talk about the Island’s big news stories, how much has changed here during his tenure and what’s next for his career. 

On a career move to the Isle of Wight: ‘The world was going to be my oyster, but the Isle of Wight intervened.’

On being an Islander: ‘People tell me you'll never be one unless you're fourth generation or something like that. But I do think of myself as an Islander and I care deeply about the place.’

Catch-up with Alan on his Twitter: @iwcpalan

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Hosted by Harriet Hadfield

Produced by Alex Warren

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