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S1 Ep 2: Lisa Henry - could the Island be the next big thing in film?

Season 1, Ep. 2

This week on the podcast we chat with film location specialist Lisa Henry who lives in Ryde, having moved here from London just three years ago. She’s quickly made the Island her home, with an amazing network of friends and a new business ‘Lobster Locations’ - specializing in finding fabulous spots for film production companies and photoshoots.

On living in Ryde: “Absolutely brilliant - it's a really vibrant place… it’s got its own identity and - because it’s so easy to get to London - the vibe is so open.”

On that all-important extra bit of daylight: “Bizarrely, which I didn't know before I got here, we actually have an extra hour of daylight to London every day…. which makes a huge difference so you get a longer filming day.”

Catch-up with Lisa on her company Instagram: @lobsterlocations

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