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S1 Ep 4: Dr Hayley Elsmore - have you had your Island ‘tweakment’?

Season 1, Ep. 4

This week on the podcast we meet Dr Hayley Elsmore who’s lived in the West Wight for 20 years and has recently opened a cutting-edge aesthetic medical clinic in Newport - described by one beauty blogger as ‘somewhere people in London would be jealous of!’ Well-known as a popular Island GP for more than 15 years, Hayley retrained a few years ago and has quickly built up a reputation as the go-to person for ‘tweakments’ and treatments on the Island. 

On enticing more GPs to the Island: ‘If GPs knew how gorgeous the Island was they would come running!’

On living on an Island: ‘We know we are islanders - the Island is our home. As soon as you cross the water, hit the Island, you feel you're home.’

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