4. Onrust - Episode 104

Season 1, Ep. 4

Over the long winter of 1613, Manhattan's first immigrant, Juan Rodrigues, becomes an integral component of the Sachem's trade and in the process an invaluable asset to the Dutch traders upon their return.

But, Rodrigues' choice of Dutchmen to trade with is certainly NOT the ones who brought him to this island, Thijs Volkertz Mossel and the despicable Hans Jorisz Hontom. Rather, Rodrigues, now thoroughly versed in the finer points of this burgeoning trade system, makes it quite clear to Carstyaensen and Block that it is they whom he wishes to work for and as "a free man", feels it is his right to make that choice. But, unfortunately, just as Frans Jansen has said, this Mossel and Hontom are nothing but trouble...or ONRUST, which is exactly what unfolds on this wild and untamed Island of Manna-hata in the spring of 1614.

Climb aboard.

History is cool :)

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