5. New Netherland - Episode 105

Season 1, Ep. 5

After toiling away in this fertile new land for the entirety of his young adult life, Jacob Eelkens was certain that the advent of this "New Netherland Company" would be his opportunity to shine in this priceless market. But upon Captain Hendrick Carstyaensen's return to the Hudson, Jacob would be shattered to learn that not only was he and his uncle Hendrick Eelkens not included in the exclusive list of investors for this company, but that Jacob's entire existence here, would now be thoroughly regulated by this newfound entity.

And suddenly Jacob's childhood as a shamed outcast in Rouen, France cloaks the fallen Catholic in a murky darkness, and when he retreats to the hills above Sapokanikan, he formulates his own, odd three-way alliance, between himself, the increasingly detached Orson, and the man who most wants to see Hendrick Carstyaensen disappear -- the inimitable Hans Jorisz Hontom.

Climb aboard.

History is cool :)

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