3. "Jan" - Episode 103

Season 1, Ep. 3

Following two successful voyages to this fertile new land called "Manna-hata", Lambert van Tweenhuysen recognizes the inevitable reality of the competition developing over this lucrative new fur trade. And as Adriaen Block and Hendrick Carstyaensen race back to their Sachem at Sapokanikan for a third time, the rude encroachment of this new wave of poachers creates newfound trouble on this otherwise idyllic island. And with the sudden presence of a dark-skin crewman being called "Jan", there emerges a newfound sense of unrest, for Jacob Eelkens and the entire Adriaen Block team. And as a direct result of the untoward ways of one such poacher, Captain Thijs Volkertz Mossel and his despicable supercargo Hans Jorisz Hontom, results the defection of the one they're calling "Jan", creating Manhattan's very first immigrant -- who hails not from the Netherlands, France, Spain nor England, but rather, from the island that was tagged by Columbus as "Hispanola", or the one we call the Dominican Republic today.

Episode 103.

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