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Steve Ewing - The Urge for Success

In this episode of iSell, Zac talks with Rockstar, Entrepreneur, and Bodybuilder Steve Ewing about the business side of making music, what's involved in starting a restaurant, and the discipline it takes to compete in bodybuilding.

Ewing made eight records with the band, and they toured for over a decade with heavyweights such as 311Korn, and Incubus. Their three major label records on Immortal/Epic and Immortal/Virgin Records sold nearly one million copies worldwide. In 1998, Steve Ewing and The Urge scored a Billboard Top Ten hit, "Jump Right In" from their album Master of Styles. He now does solo work with The Steve Ewing Band and acoustic shows with his guitarist Trent Reed.

Ewing is also the owner and operator of Steve's Hot Dogs in Saint Loius, Missouri.

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