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Is TV for Me?

Is TV for me? Post Production

Season 1, Ep. 6

Join us for another episode of Is TV for Me? featuring Dave Austin, founder of The Edit (@theeditbrighton) - a high-end post-production facility in Brighton.

Dave tells us about his journey from wannabe musician via BBC broadcast engineer and surf video editor to final post guru on award-winning shows like The Repair Shop and Saving Lives at Sea. Tune in to gain insights into the world of TV post-production and find out if onlining, grading and audio-mixing might be the thing for you.

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  • 7. Is TV for me? Director of Photography

    This episode of Is TV for Me? features Mark North, an experienced filmmaker with a passion for observational and documentary films. Hear how Mark got his start as a runner on Top Gear bringing Jeremy Clarkson his sandwiches.🚗🥪and how he decided that camera work and becoming a Director of Photography was for him.Mark has worked on projects like Secret Life of the Zoo, travelled Australia alongside Miriam Margoyles, and most importantly has worked with Team Factory - many, many times from Berlin to Vegas, Brighton to Birmingham!Join us as we explore Mark's journey and for a bit of fun check out his instagram @northy_dp for some behind-the-scenes good-times! 
  • 5. Is TV for me? Assistant Producer

    Calling all aspiring Assistant Producer In this episode TV pro Amy Errington spills the tea on what it takes to be a brilliant AP and how she worked her way up from a runner on X Factor to working as a shooting AP with us here at Factory 🎶 Follow the link in our bio to listen to our first episode now! And remember to subscribe so you won't miss a single moment.
  • 4. Is TV for me? Producer

    What does a factual TV producer do? How is their role different from the director - and what kind of person would love the producer’s role? All will be revealed when we meet Producer Extraordinaire, Liv Butler. She’s worked on big live shows like the BBC’s Proms and multiple documentaries and factual series - like Factory’s Anyone Can Sing. Liv understands what it takes to produce successful TV shows and she’s going to tell us all she knows!
  • 3. Is TV for me? Development Producer

    Who actually comes up with the ideas for the TV programmes you love? In this episode we get the lowdown on how ideas get turned into TV shows. Development Producer Harry Smyth has conceived, developed and won commissions of numerous programmes for the likes of BBC, Channel 4 & Sky. Harry’s going to give us the inside scoop on the process for how ideas are generated - and then turned into fully-formed concepts that a broadcaster wants to commission. If you’re an ideas person, who loves to write, then this could be the perfect area of TV production for you.
  • 2. Is TV for me? Casting Producer

    Finding the right people to be on a TV show can make or break a programme. We’ve all watched shows where we’ve fallen for someone whose amazing life story has gripped us. That’s the work of the casting team - often led by a casting producer. In this episode we’re going to get some fantastic advice about what it takes to find the right people for the right show. Faaye Wheatley is a ‘master caster’ who’s had to find people to take part in hugely popular shows; from First Dates to Naked Attraction and Squid Games - the Challenge.
  • 1. Is TV For Me? Meet the Hosts

    Is TV for Me? is the new podcast from the founders of Factory Films, Julie Heathcote and Lisa Fairbank. In this introductory episode Lisa and Julie introduce themselves and Julie gives us top 5 tips for interviews - and Lisa gives her top 5 tips for making a good impression in your first TV job.
  • Is TV for me? Podcast Trailer

    If you’ve ever wondered how to get a job in the world of UK Factual TV then look no further! Lisa Fairbank and Julie Heathcote have worked for all the UK broadcasters for 20+ years and together they run in Brighton. Now they’re using their incredible network of colleagues and friends to tell you all you need to know about getting a break/interview/promotion - or exploring which of the myriad jobs in TV might be just right for you!