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Living Your Best Life: A Parkinson's Podcast

Living Your Best Life: A Parkinson's Podcast - Episode 1. This podcast special series details the particular personal stories of people in the Irish Parkinson's community, the obstacles they face, the challenges they have overcome, and more importantly, the tools they use to live their best lives. In this first episode in the series, Annmarie O'Connor shares her own story of early onset Parkinson's and how routine, education and perspective helped her navigate the early days of her diagnosis.

Parkinson’s Association of Ireland

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  • 12. The ieBusiness Podcast meets WeddingDates founder Ciara Crossan

    Ciara Crossan is the single mother who made a business out of Ireland's love for weddings. Her company has survived the 2008 crash, a pandemic and a cost-of-living crisis but Ms Crossan said her biggest challenges along the way were more personal ones.
  • 11. The ieBusiness Podcast meets Conor Buckley, the CEO of Granite Digital

    Chief executive of marketing and tech services firm Granite Digital Conor Buckley talks to business journalist Cáit Caden about the Cork company's ambitious growth journey so far, eyeing up expansion in the US and how firms are coping with migrating online. 
  • 12. Building resilience: Teaching your child how to live with loss and less

    Family psychotherapist and author Richard Hogan joins ieParenting editor Irene Feighan to discuss ways to help children cope with life's ups and downs.It can be tempting to shield your child but this comes with risks. Your child may struggle to navigate the failures and disappointments that are part of life. Hogan offers guidance on how to build your child's resilience and ability to cope with challenges head-on while also recognising when to ask for help. 
  • 10. The ieBusiness Podcast meets CEO of 4 Day Week Global Dr Dale Whelehan

    Dr Dale Whelehan is the Irish man on a mission to change the traditional working week around the globe. In this podcast, he talks about his own journey from being an physio student to becoming the chief executive of a non-profit trying to tackle burnout in the workplace. 
  • 11. Parent-pals: How to embrace the school-gate community while avoiding school-gate cliques

    Child psychotherapist and podcaster Dr Joanna Fortune and ieParenting editor Irene Feighan discuss the dynamics of school gate relationships and playdates.  Whether they are casual connections or the beginnings of a deeper friendship, relationships with other parents can help us navigate the early school years. Dr Fortune also offers helpful tips on navigating the tricky world of WhatsApp groups and how to turn down playdate invitations, which she sees as optional, not a necessity. 
  • 9. The ieBusiness Podcast meets Cork site leader of Dell Technologies Bob Savage

    Bob Savage began working with Dell Technologies as an engineer almost 40 years ago. Now he is vice president regional CIO for EMEA and site leader of Dell Technologies in Cork. In this interview with business journalist Cáit Caden, Bob talks about witnessing the company change over the years, is the government doing enough for small firms as well as multinationals and some of the best pieces of advice he has received in his career.  
  • 10. Challenging behaviour: Managing toddler tantrums and adolescent hostility

    Child psychotherapist and best-selling author Dr Colman Noctor joins ieParenting editor Irene Feighan to discuss managing challenging behaviour - from toddlers to teens. Colman explains how every child grows and changes at different rates and that parents must consider this when reacting to difficult behaviour.  He also talks about identifying the root cause of what is often called 'attention-seeking behaviours'. 
  • 8. The ieBusiness Podcast meets Lucinda Kelly, founder of fertility support start-up Be Like Water

    Lucinda Kelly's latest venture Be Like Water, which is expected to offer fertility support services in the workplace, is still in its infancy but this is not her first rodeo in the start-up arena. Ms Kelly previously founded Popertee, used by retail businesses to set up pop-up shops, but the business met its demise during the pandemic. Ms Kelly talks about the lessons she learned from this and more in the latest episode of The ieBusiness Podcast. 
  • 9. Clear boundaries: Helping your child to manage their emotions during the turbulent teenage years

    Family psychotherapist and author Richard Hogan joins ieParenting editor Irene Feighan to discuss the importance of setting boundaries in your child's life. Healthy boundaries offer children a way to navigate their way in a world where we face challenges every day. They also give the child the tools to set their own boundaries with others.  Here, Hogan gives a roadmap of how to set and maintain boundaries as well as how to respond when they are not followed.