Irish Dance Business Owners


The Best Way to Celebrate is Together!

Season 1, Ep. 24

Hi there!

In 2017, I launched an online community for Irish Dance Teachers.

Over the course of four years, this community has grown and helped me meet hundreds of amazing people in the Irish Dance Industry.

I now interview all kinds of Irish Dance Business Owners for this podcast, and it's been super fun!

Recently, the Irish Dancing Magazine reached out to me and said they wanted to add my interviews to their YouTube channel!

They also did a full page feature about my online community and the podcast in the July 2021 issue of Irish Dancing Magazine.

In this episode, you hear my reaction to this great news on the day I read the article :)


P.S. You can now access the Irish Dance Business Owners Podcast Playlist by going to the Irish Dancing Magazine's YouTube Channel!

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