We, The Irish


EP33: He Was My Daddy

Often, we view revolutionary figures from the point of view of what they achieved, or what they tried to achieve.

We read their quotes, peruse their battles and reminisce over their speeches.

Often we forget that they did not just exist in the public world.

To raise those who required revolution was not their only role in life.

We often fail to recognise that aside from how we knew them, there as another side to them.

A side where they were not known as the creators of a new world but rather as a father, or mother, a brother or sister, a friend or colleague.

Known as ordinary people who just happened to do extra ordinary things.

If ye knew what they were like behind closed doors, would or view of them differ?

Would we be more sympathetic to their battles outside the home?

Would we view them as people rather than statues awaiting erection?

It’s the life of a man born in Cowgate, Edinburgh, which answers these questions for us.

This is his story, as told by his daughter Nora.

Today's music was written, performed and produced by Ryhan O'Halloran.

Nora's words were read by Ann Long.

The story was researched and scripted by Oran.

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