We, The Irish


EP32: The Queen of War

As we move through life, we meet different people and learn of the variety of life experiences available to us.

Seldom however, do we step outside of our comfort zone to sample something totally alien to our own individual norms.

But want if you took a leap of faith and tried something totally new.

So new, the world did not know of anyone having tried it before you.

So new, you didn't know the names of the places you would go before you left.

So new, you didn't know of the inner strength you would be due to find as you developed.

Would you take the opportunity, or would you play it safe with what you knew and with what you were accustomed to.

What could you achieve with just a simple leap of faith?

Its the story of a woman from Cork which answers these questions for us.

This is her story.

Today's music was written, performed and produced by Ryhan O'Halloran.

The story was researched and scripted by Oran.

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