Ipse Dixit


Sheldon Evans on Criminal Sentencing

Season 1, Ep. 570

In this episode, Sheldon A. Evans, Assistant Professor at St. John’s University School of Law, discusses his forthcoming article on federal criminal sentencing enhancements. Evans articulates several problems with the “categorial approach” to sentencing enhancements. In particular, he highlights how it leads to non-uniform results in practice, such that two people who commit the same underlying criminal conduct might receive disparate sentences depending on where the conduct occurred. Finally, Evans explains why he thinks a judicial solution to this problem is the best solution. We even talk briefly about bankruptcy! Evans’ new article, Categorial Nonuniformity, is forthcoming in the Columbia Law Review and is available on SSRN. Evans is on Twitter at @prawfsevans777.

This episode was hosted by Matthew Bruckner, Associate Professor of Law at Howard University School of Law. Bruckner is on Twitter at @Prof_Bruckner.

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