Ipse Dixit


Sharon Yadin on Regulatory Shaming

Season 1, Ep. 263

In this episode, Sharon Yadin, Associate Professor of Law at the Peres Academic Center School of Law and a member of the Israel Press Council, discuses her article, "Regulatory Shaming" in Environmental Law, and her two successive articles on regulatory shaming, "Saving Lives Through Shaming" in the Harvard Business Law Review Online and "Shaming Big Pharma" in the Yale Journal on Regulation Bulletin. Yadin begins by defining regulation and regulatory shaming, and details how regulatory agencies can use shaming techniques to enforce legal and social norms against corporations. She details how shaming techniques should be used and how they should be structured, noting the positives and negatives of regulatory shaming. And she concludes by discussing how policymakers, the public, and corporations should react to regulatory shaming. Yadin is on Twitter at @Sharon_Yadin.

This episode was hosted by Luce Nguyen, a college student and the co-founder of the Oberlin Policy Research Institute, an undergraduate public policy organization based at Oberlin College. Nguyen is on Twitter at @NguyenLuce.

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