Ipse Dixit


Robert Anderson on Analytics for Law Review Submissions and Publishing

Season 1, Ep. 681

In this episode, Robert Anderson, Professor of Law at Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law, introduces ScholarSift, a new analytics platform for law reviews he created with co-founder Trent Wenzel. He discusses initially identifying the need for a platform like ScholarSift and distinguishes it from other search functions with which listeners may already be familiar, while relating the basic mechanics of use. He describes how ScholarSift's algorithm is different than those used by other services and how it can lead to greater citation counts for women, people of color, and other scholars from marginalized communities. He then predicts how ScholarSift could lead to curtailing the volume of submissions made to law reviews by legal scholars, lightening the burden on both authors and law reviews. He also explains how it could be a useful tool for law students even outside the law review context. Anderson is on Twitter at @ProfRobAnderson.

This episode was hosted by Maybell Romero, Associate Professor of Law at Northern Illinois University College of Law. Romero is on Twitter at @MaybellRomero.

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