Ipse Dixit


Nick Sciullo on Queer Phenomenology

Season 1, Ep. 430

In this episode, Nick J. Sciullo, Assistant Professor of Communications at Texas A&M University Kingsville, discusses his article "Queer Phenomenology in Law: A Critical Theory of Orientation" published in the Pace Law Review. He begins by discussing what phenomenology is, and why it's important to view human lives affected by legal processes through the lens of phenomenology. He specifically talks about the importance of identities to minoritarian groups and how people bring their identities to their interactions with the law. Drawing upon Marxist conceptions of a dancing table, Sciullo notes that our positionality and relationship to objects influences our experience with them. He reflects on how experiencing failures of accommodation can be learning experiences, and how minorities' experience can illuminate the law's failure to meet their needs. He concludes by noting what he hopes that scholars, listeners, and policymakers should take away from his article. Sciullo is on Twitter at @nickjsciullo.

This episode was hosted by Luce Nguyen. She is on Twitter at @NguyenLuce.

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