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Matthew Bruckner on College Bankruptcies

Season 1, Ep. 68

In this episode, Matthew Bruckner, Associate Professor of Law at Howard University School of Law, discusses his scholarship on access to bankruptcy protection for financially distressed institutions of higher education, including his recent work on bankruptcy and public colleges. Bruckner begins by describing the bankruptcy protection for organizations, and explaining why institutions of higher education effectively lack access to bankruptcy. He argues that Congress should reform federal lending law to enable institutions of higher education to reorganize. Bruckner also observes that public colleges have even more limited access to bankruptcy protection than private colleges. Listeners may be interested in his articles "Higher Ed ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ Orders" and "Bankrupting Higher Education." Bruckner is on Twitter at @Prof_Bruckner.

Keywords: Bankruptcy, Higher Ed, College, Universities, Bankrupt, Debtor, Healthcare, Chapter 11, Higher Education, Reorganization, nonprofit, for-profit, restructure, Title IV, Medicare, HHS, CMS, reorganize, fly-by-night, profiteer, chapter 9, Code

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