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Lex Phonographica 7: Louis M. Kohlmeier, Jr., "God Save This Honorable Court: The Supreme Court Crisis, Part 1" (1972)

Season 1, Ep. 494

Part 1: The Perils of Cronyism

A summary of the Supreme Court's place in United States society through the lenses of white supremacy and the process of nominating new justices. It covers the development of African-American-driven civil rights case law as a pressure on American politics. Ultimately, Part 1 is about what lead to the Warren Court's famously liberal rulings, the effects those rulings had on the United States, and then the retirement of Earl Warren. President Lyndon Johnson's preference for promoting his loyal followers, including Abe Fortas, lead to a delay in Warren's retirement that allowed President Nixon choose Warren's successor. This, among social factors also explored, lead to a sharp right-wing turn for the Court.


[00:00:00] Part 1 Introduction

[00:01:55] Prologue

[00:05:50] 1) The Beginnings of a Battle

[00:41:42] 2) The Nature of the Court

[01:18:03] 3) The Abiding Issue

[01:46:08] 4) The Warren Court Leads

[02:24:15] 5) The Black Seat

[03:11:15] 6) The Perils of Cronyism

God Save This Honorable Court: The Supreme Court Crisis, Part 1 by Louis M. Kohlmeier, Jr.

This episode of Lex Phonographica was read by Mike Overby of Amicus Lectio. You can find the individual chapters on the Internet Archive.

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