Ipse Dixit


Julie Tamerler on Copyright in Rock Climbing Routes

Season 1, Ep. 602

In this episode, Julie Tamerler, a recent graduate of Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law and incoming judicial law clerk, discusses her article "Indoor Rock Climbing: The Nuts and Bolts of Routesetting Copyright Protection Post-Star Athletica," which will be published in the Jeffrey S. Moorad Sports Law Journal. Tamerler begins by explaining how indoor rock climbing routes are created and how many options route-makers have. She reflects on how the Supreme Court's Star Athletica decision changed the relationship between functionality and expression in copyrightable subject matter, and why the change probably makes rock climbing routes copyrightable subject matter. And she discusses whether that is a good thing.

This episode was hosted by Brian L. Frye, Spears-Gilbert Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky College of Law. Frye is on Twitter at @brianlfrye.

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