Ipse Dixit


Jeffrey Ian Ross on Street Culture & Convict Criminology

Season 1, Ep. 655

In this episode, Dr. Jeffrey Ian Ross, Professor in the School of Criminal Justice and College of Public Affairs and Research Fellow at the Center for International and Comparative Law and the Schaefer Center for Public Policy at the University of Baltimore, discusses his work on street culture and convict criminology. Ross begins by explaining the study of street culture as an academic discipline, and how it can inform our understanding of urban sociology. He then describes the field of convict criminology, or criminology from the perspective of people with personal experience with the criminal justice system. Among other things, he explains how incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and criminal justice affected people bring a critical perspective to criminology. Ross is on Twitter at @jeffreyianross.

This episode was hosted by Brian L. Frye, Spears-Gilbert Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky College of Law. Frye is on Twitter at @brianlfrye.

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