Ipse Dixit


Irina Manta on "Tinder Lies"

Season 1, Ep. 37

In this episode, Irina D. Manta, Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development, Professor of Law, and Founding Director of the Center for Intellectual Property Law at Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University, discusses her provocative article "Tinder Lies," which will appear in Wake Forest Law Review. Manta observes that today most people use dating apps and websites to find prospective romantic partners, which makes it much easier to meet people, but also increases their vulnerability to misleading information. She observes that people often make false or misleading claims on their dating profiles, some of which are relatively innocuous, like their height or weight, but others of which may be much more serious, like their marital status. This may impose significant emotional and personal costs on people who are misled. Typically, courts do not permit civil actions for fraud in the dating context. But Manta argues that we should create a cause of action that can be enforced in small claims court. Manta is on Twitter at @irina_manta.

Keywords: Legal Recovery, fraud, trademark law, small claims, misrepresentation, sexual law

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