Ipse Dixit


Howard Wasserman on the Infield Fly Rule

Season 1, Ep. 74

In this episode, Howard M. Wasserman, Professor of Law at Florida International University College of Law, discusses his new book, "Infield Fly Rule Is in Effect: The History and Strategy of Baseball's Most Infamous Rule," which is published by McFarland and Company. Wasserman begins by describing how the oft-misunderstood infield fly rule actually works, what it is intended to accomplish, and why it was adopted. He then reflects on the 40+ year "legal history" of the rule, which began in 1975 with William S. Stevens, unsigned note in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, "The Common Law Origins of the Infield Fly Rule," one of the few law review articles with its own Wikipedia page. Wasserman considers the infield fly rule in relation to the aesthetics of baseball and jurisprudence, and concludes that the rule is here to stay. Wasserman blogs at Prawfsblog.

Keywords: Sports, rules, baseball, Infield Fly Rule, cost-benefit, economics

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