Ipse Dixit


Hafsa Mansoor on Bail Reform

Season 1, Ep. 541

In this episode, Hafsa Mansoor, Seton Hall Law 3L, Center for Social Justice scholar, and student attorney at Seton Hall Immigrants' Rights and International Human Rights Clinic, discusses her paper, "Guilty Until Proven Guilty: Effective Bail Reform As A Human Rights Imperative," forthcoming in the Elon Law Journal in 2021. Ms. Mansoor discusses tragic stories that have arisen due to the use and preponderance of cash bail. She addresses the massive inequities connected to the use of risk based assessments, and discusses how cash bail systems disproportionately hurt minorities and the poor. Ms. Mansoor discusses recent, well-intended efforts at bail reform in New Jersey and the ways that it has failed. She then discusses how using a human rights lens to view access to justice as a human right could be used to reevaluated and reform bail throughout the country.

This episode was hosted by Maybell Romero, assistant professor at Northern Illinois University College of Law. Romero is on Twitter at @MaybellRomero.

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