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Greg Shill on Legal Subsidies to Cars

Season 1, Ep. 207

In this episode, Gregory Shill, Associate Professor of Law at the University of Iowa College of Law, discusses his article "Should Law Subsidize Driving?," which will be published by the NYU Law Review. Shill begins by describing the terrible toll that automobiles inflict on America every year: 93,000 deaths (40,000 in crashes and another 53,000 killed prematurely by vehicle emissions), millions of serious injuries, and many hundreds of billions of dollars of damages due to lost lives alone. Then he explains how automobiles are subsidized not only by intentional public policy, but also by legal rules that prioritize and indemnify driving, while discouraging and stigmatizing other forms of transportation. He argues that this reflects policy choices that we can and must reverse, and discusses effective approaches to reform adopted by other countries, which have dramatically reduced driving and the terrible costs it imposes. Shill is on Twitter at @greg_shill.

Shill recommends the following resources for those interested in learning more about reform:

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