Ipse Dixit


ECC11 on "Brown Force" and the Latin King & Queen Nation

Season 1, Ep. 404

In this episode, ECC11, an incarcerated person who is a leader of the Latin King and Queen Nation, discusses the ideas of the movement. In the first segment, he presents a lesson titled, "Brown Force and the Political Philosophy of the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation." He begins by reciting "Brown Force" in its entirety, then reflects on its meaning. In the second segment, ECC11 explains the origins of the Latin King and Queen Nation and its fundamental motivating principles. Among other things he reflects on its anticolonialist ideology and the racial politics of the organization. He also discusses the concept of the "New King," reflects on the history of the organization, and explains how its racial politics have changed over time.

This episode was hosted by King, an incarcerated person. King is on Twitter at @King_ShankRadio.

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