Ipse Dixit


ECC11 & King on the Latin King & Queen Nation as a Religion

Season 1, Ep. 418

In this episode, ECC11 and King explain why the Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation is a religion and discuss a Section 1983 action they are filing in order to compel the courts to recognize its religious character. ECC11 and King explain that the Nation is organized as a religion and has a unique religious doctrine, and that the members of the Nation sincerely believe in its religious doctrines. They reflect on the Religious Land Use And Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUPIA) and how it regulates the government's obligation to recognize the Nation as a religion in prisons. Specifically, they argue that there is a less-restrictive means of regulating the Nation in prison than the absolute prohibition the government currently enforces, based on its characterization of the Nation as a security threat group. They also place the treatment of the Nation in historical context.

This episode was hosted by King, an incarcerated person. King is on Twitter at @King_ShankRadio.

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