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Claudy Op Den Kamp on the History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects

Season 1, Ep. 203

In this episode, Dr. Claudy Op Den Kamp, Senior Lecturer in Film and faculty member at the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy and Management at Bournemouth University, discusses the book "A History of Intellectual Property in 50 Objects," which she edited with Dan Hunter of Swinburne Law School, and which will be published by Cambridge University Press. The book consists of 50 essays by a wide range of different scholars, from many different backgrounds and countries. Op Den Kamp begins by describing the origin of the book and how they selected the particular objects to include. She reflects on some particular objects that they chose and why. She also discusses the process of selecting contributors, and some of the many surprising observations some of those contributors made. Op Den Kamp is on Twitter at @claudyday.

Several of the essays in the book are available online:

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