Ipse Dixit


Claudia Haupt on Professional Speech

Season 1, Ep. 218

In this episode, Claudia Haupt, Associate Professor of Law and Political Science at Northeastern University, discusses her article, "Professional Speech," in the Yale Law Journal and her two successive articles, "Professional Speech and the Content-Neutrality Trap" and "The Limits of Professional Speech" published in the Yale Law Journal Forum. Haupt begins by stating the contours of professional speech as the dissemination of the common knowledge of a knowledge community in the learned professions. She discusses the role of professionals in an asymmetrical professional-client relationship within the protections of the First Amendment, within their role as contributor to a well-informed democratic polity, and within the regulatory environment established by states. She discusses recent circuit and Supreme Court decisions on professional speech in regards to sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE), crisis pregnancy centers, and restraints established by states to regulate professional speech, laying out the details of each case and discussing when the "First Amendment sword" should be used to protect professional speech. Haupt concludes by providing her insights as to how the framework of professional speech she advances should be taken by regulators, courts, and the general public. Haupt is on Twitter at @CEHaupt.

This episode was hosted by Luce Nguyen, a student at Oberlin College and the co-founder of the Oberlin Policy Research Institute, an undergraduate public policy organization based at Oberlin College. Nguyen is on Twitter at @NguyenLuce.

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