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CJ Ryan on Law School Debt

Season 1, Ep. 479

In this episode, Christopher J. (CJ) Ryan, Jr., Associate Professor at Roger Williams University School of Law, discusses his scholarship on law school indebtedness, the public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) program, and their effects on law students’ career choices. CJ argues that the PSLF program can help counter “public interest drift” and solve the access to justice gap. His work highlights the importance of the PSLF program, particularly for women, first-generation law students, and historically underrepresented racial minorities. He also discusses the results from an original survey he administered at four law schools, revealing novel findings about law students’ expected debt loads, career choices, and intentions to participate in the PSLF program. CJ’s article, Paying for Law School: Law Student Loan Indebtedness and Career Choices, is on SSRN. CJ is on Twitter at @DeucesTecum.

This episode was hosted by Matthew A. Bruckner, Associate Professor of Law at Howard University School of Law. Bruckner is on Twitter at @Prof_Bruckner.

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