Ipse Dixit


Beau Phillips on Patent Reform Advocacy

Season 1, Ep. 384

In this episode, Beau Phillips, Executive Director of US-MADE and a partner at Reset Public Affairs, discusses his advocacy work on patent reform. Phillips begins by describing his background in public policy advocacy. He explains how he got involved in patent policy and discusses his work on the America Invents Act (AIA). He describes the inter partes review (IPR) process that was a part of the AIA, what it was intended to accomplish, and how it has worked in practice. He recognizes objections to IPR, but explains why they are unfounded. And he reflects on current legislative efforts to limit or eliminate IPR. Phillips is on Twitter at @beaup.

This episode was hosted by Brian L. Frye, Spears-Gilbert Associate Professor of Law at the University of Kentucky College of Law. Frye is on Twitter at @brianlfrye.

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