Ipse Dixit


Anthony Kreis on the History of the Law of Sexuality & Gender

Season 1, Ep. 107

In this episode, Anthony Michael Kreis, Visiting Assistant Professor of Law at the Chicago-Kent College of Law discusses his new article, "Anxious Masculinity: American Homophobia and the Third Sex." Kreis describes the "confusion" at the heart of the law of sexuality, and ties it to the history of the concept of gender. He describes the evolution of the policing of gender norms through American history, and the emergence of the concept of the "third sex" to describe LGBTQ identities. He explains how this concept shaped the modern law of sexuality, and how that law can and should be reformed to reflect its history. Kreis's scholarship is available on SSRN. He is on Twitter at @AnthonyMKreis.

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