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Notion Interview - Music Notation App (iPad Pros - 0004)

Season 1, Ep. 4

On today’s episode we have Chris from PreSonos the maker’s of Notion for iOS, Mac and Windows. Notion is the best app for composing, arranging and creating sheet music on the iPad. Chris is the product manager and a composer himself. 

In today’s interview we discuss the process of writing music with Notion, the customer feedback loop for creating new features, the process of working with Apple on having their app featured in an ad, what features you get in the Mac version that haven’t yet made it over to the iPad, tips for utilizing all of the different input methods (which include handwriting recognition, MIDI keyboards and touch to enter) and many more topics to help you understand what Notion is all about and hopefully inspire some of you to start creating your own music. 

For those that don’t know I was a music composition major in college and have spend hundreds of hours writing music with Finale Music on the Mac. Notion is an impressive app and am pleased to say that I am once again writing music thanks to this app. Just last weekend my flight was delayed by several hours and was able to create a wonderful piano piece while I was waiting for my plane to arrive. For those interested I’ll be including what is finished of that piece at the very end of this episode. 

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