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Multi-Pad Lifestyle (iPad Pros - 0013)

Season 1, Ep. 13

In today’s episode learn about the “multi-pad lifestyle”. What use cases make sense for using 2 iPads side by side? What are some techniques that will come in handy working on multiple iPads? Find out in this episode of iPad Pros. More episodes available at www.iPadPros.net.

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5th Generation XDR iPad Pro with Brian Baggett (iPad Pros - 0113)

Season 1, Ep. 113
Brian Baggett from the Infinite Loopback Podcast just upgraded from the 2nd generation iPad Pro to the 5th generation XDR iPad Pro. We discuss in-depth all about the 5th generation XDR iPad Pro and how he uses the iPad Pro as a Senior Sales Engineer.Bonus content and early episodes with chapter markers are available by supporting the podcast at www.patreon.com/ipadpros. Show notes are available at www.iPadPros.net. Feedback is welcomed at iPadProsPodcast@gmail.com.Chapter Markers00:00:00: Opening00:01:44: Patreon.com/iPadPros00:02:25: Brian Baggett00:03:14: The preorders00:03:45: What are you upgrading from?00:07:16: Your new iPad00:08:10: Magic Keyboard - White vs Black00:11:02: XDR Liquid Retina Screen00:13:59: Battery Life00:14:56: PIP mode00:16:04: Some screen limitations00:17:44: Weight and Thickness00:18:07: TomToc Case00:19:37: Waterfield Designs - Sleevecase00:21:43: HyperDrive and docks00:23:05: 16GB of RAM00:23:45: OWC 4 Port Thunderbolt Dock00:26:13: LumaFusion and Final Cut Pro00:27:04: CenterStage00:27:41: FilmicPro00:33:24: 5G Models00:46:11: M100:48:34: When I still need the Mac00:50:41: PiVPN00:54:55: Remoting into your Mac00:56:23: Trackpad01:00:23: Smart Keyboard01:02:05: Apple Pencil 201:06:51: USB-C Charging01:10:00: Tablet Mode01:13:55: Comics01:17:46: Sales Engineer01:24:03: Zoom01:25:03: PS4 Remote Play01:27:02: Anything else?01:29:13: Where can people find your podcast?01:29:24: InfiniteLoopback.com01:30:38: Closing