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Charmel Maynard: Creating a Legacy in Finance

Tune in to the latest episode of the Skin in the Game VC Podcast featuring Charmel Maynard, Chief Investment Officer of the University of Miami. Gain invaluable insights into university asset management and the journey that led Charmel to his prestigious position. Discover the strategies and decisions driving investments, and learn about the dynamic nature of his role overseeing three distinct pools of capital. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just curious about finance, this episode offers valuable perspectives on responsible asset stewardship. Don't miss out on Charmel's wisdom and expertise!

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  • Frank Smith: From YouTube to Multimedia Mogul

    Discover the fascinating journey of Frank Smith, from YouTube sensation to Multimedia Mogul, in the latest episode of the Skin in the Game pod. Join Saxon Baum as he dives into a captivating conversation with Frank, tracing his evolution and success in the multimedia landscape. From crafting short-form sports videos on TikTok to navigating the complexities of influencer marketing trends, Frank shares invaluable insights and strategies. Explore the rise of personal brands in sports media and the future of content consumption with Frank's astute observations. Witness the emergence of Frank Smith as a trailblazer, pushing the boundaries of creativity and engagement in the digital age. Don't miss out on Frank's revolutionary projects and follow him across platforms to stay updated on his groundbreaking work.
  • Delian Asparouhov: From Bulgaria to Silicon Valley

    Delian Asparouhov, a Bulgarian-born, self-made software engineer, dives into the rollercoaster of a journey from being an MIT dropout to earning the Thiel Fellowship. Delian discusses his initial reservations about a career in venture capital and how early exposure to the field via an internship at Square, a student-run VC, helped change his mind and led him closer to his purpose. Delian touches on how he accidentally fell into a full-time venture capital role and how, over time, his skepticism ignited into a passion. Delian also covers his experience as a partner at Founders Fund.This episode explores recent pullbacks in the crypto market – and what these changes spell out for investors – but also gets into the space-born industry and Varda, a first-of-its-kind orbital manufacturing platform, where Delian serves as co-founder. Tune in to hear Tom Wallace and Saxon Baum on Skin in the Game.
  • Lucy Guo: Passes & Perspectives

    In this podcast episode, Lucy Guo, a prominent entrepreneur and Thiel Fellow, shares her remarkable journey from receiving a Thiel Fellowship at the age of 20 to becoming the second wealthiest self-made female in the United States. Lucy discusses her experiences with ventures such as Scale AI, her transition from venture capitalist to entrepreneur, and the evolution of her venture fund, HF0.The conversation explores Lucy's latest venture, Passes, a platform for content creators, where she emphasizes the importance of investing in engineers and discusses the role of AI in the creator economy. Lucy reflects on her move to Miami, highlighting the differences in the tech landscape and the need for increased capital in the ecosystem. Listen to find out more.
  • Steve MacDonald: International Tech Trails & Tales

    This episode focuses on Steve MacDonald’s unique experience of spending a year in Florence, Italy, while exploring the cultural and historical aspects, as well as insights into the local tech scene.Steve shares that the decision to move to Florence was driven by a long-standing desire to experience life abroad with his family. He reflects on the cultural differences, the historical richness of Florence, and the challenges of adapting to a different lifestyle. Steve also highlights his travels within Europe during this period.The podcast delves into the tech scene in Italy as well a noting cultural nuances affecting entrepreneurship. In contrast to the U.S., failure is not culturally acceptable in Italy, making it a challenge for startups. Additionally, Steve provides insights into the venture capital landscape in Europe, noting the conservative approach and a lack of angel investors.Upon returning to the U.S., Steve shares his observations on the current market environment, emphasizing the prolonged timeline for startup exits and the impact of changing economic conditions on valuations. He stresses the importance for startups to focus on profitability and cash preservation.
  • David Goldberg: Navigating the Evolving Tech Landscape

    In this particular episode, Tom and Saxon touch on various subjects, such as the bankruptcy of WeWork, the impact of EVs on traditional automakers, and the changing landscape of commercial real estate due to remote work trends. Guest speaker, David Goldberg, a partner at Alpaca Ventures, talks about his background, the branding of Alpaca Ventures, and their approach to venture capital.
  • Joe Bayen: Journey From Success to Failure and Back

    Joe Bayen, who was Born in Cameroon, shares his journey of moving to the United States as a three-year-old and being raised in Paris, France. Joe shares his experience in the credit industry, starting with his realization of the impact of late payments on his credit score. This led him to found a company aimed at helping students manage their credit. Joe worked on the development of the Bootstrap app, which garnered millions of installs and revenue through a successful business model of offering free downloads of paid apps for a few days. However, the business model suffered when Apple changed the app store rules, resulting in a sudden loss of revenue.Join Tom Wallace and Saxon Baum as Joe dives into what it looked like going from success to failure then back to success.Link for the "State of Seed and Early Stage Investing Quarterly Update" by Saxon Baum:
  • Matthew & Michael Vega-Sanz: Finding Passion in the Ordinary

    Founders of Lula, Michael and Matthew Vega-Sanz joins the episode of Skin In The Game VC Podcast with Tom Wallace and new co-host Saxon Baum.Matthew and Michael discuss their journey of creating a car sharing app called Lula. They talk about how they came up with the idea while in college and built an app that initially had many flaws. However, over time, the app gained traction and went viral, becoming one of the top car sharing apps in the country. They also faced challenges in securing insurance coverage for their rentals but eventually found an insurance company to work with. The two founders emphasize their passion for insurance and how it touches every aspect of life. The two brothers mention using data points to assess risk when users sign up for their service. Michael and Matthew mention a pivotal moment in which they decided to pivot from being a car rental company to focusing on insurance. Lula provides insurance-related services, including claims management and risk reduction. They help companies save money by reducing insurance expenses and optimizing teams. Lula has experienced significant growth, increasing their customer base from 99 to nearly 4000 companies in just over a year.
  • Laura DiBella: Florida's Tech Bloom

    Laura DiBella, the Secretary of Commerce for the State of Florida as well as the president of CEO of Enterprise Florida, joins us for this episode of Skin in the Game. Laura explores the robust evolution of Florida's tech industry and the state's response to COVID-19. Florida's open strategy during the pandemic made the state a magnet for tech talents, thereby catalyzing innovation. She acknowledges the pivotal role of a diverse talent pool and universities in creating a vibrant business environment.They shift focus to Enterprise Florida, a public-private partnership established in 1996, aimed at spurring economic growth. Despite its impending merger into the Department of Commerce, Laura counters misconceptions about its effectiveness, underlining its contributions, including the Florida Opportunity Fund, its venture capital arm. She points to its successful model as proof of its integral role in Florida's economic development.Get an inside look at emerging technologies, with Laura unveiling Florida's ambition to be at the forefront of electric vehicle take-off and landing (eVTOL) technology. Florida's geographic characteristics and existing infrastructure make it an ideal location for the deployment of this technology,As for the current political climate, Laura expresses hope for more unity and collaboration in government. She believes challenging economic times could forge a sense of unity, leading to a more stable, effective, and trusted government.