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  • Ep. #640: INTO THE VOID w/ Mindy Tautfest

    There’s a place known as the void where paranormal occurrences may exist. These experiences are unique and yet there could be something that links them together. Jeremy welcomes Mindy Tautfest to discuss her journey of a near-death experience that led her to the UFO phenomenon and the commonalities between them.

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  • Ep. #639: NON-DISCLOSURE ACT w/ Stephen Bassett

    Efforts to block the UAP Disclosure Act should come as no surprise. It's yet another move to cover-up the evidence and silence whistleblowers who allege the government is not being transparent. Jeremy welcomes Stephen Bassett to discuss the latest with the legislation and how it impacts the disclosure movement.
  • Ep. #638: BEYOND THE VEIL w/ Mark Ireland

    When we die, our consciousness seemingly lives on in the afterlife. The departed have been known to make contact by communicating from the other side. Jeremy welcomes Mark Ireland to discuss afterlife messages, the role of mediums and the healing impact that these communications can have on those who are grieving.
  • Ep. #637: NOT ALONE w/ Nancy Thames

    Plans are being made for how to handle the discovery of alien life with closed-door meetings and whistleblowers alleging the government is covering up the existence of extraterrestrials. Jeremy welcomes Nancy Thames to discuss her life of contact with extraterrestrial beings, what it means for human evolution and why now is the time for disclosure.
  • Ep. #636: MIXED MESSAGES w/ David John Oates

    With the theory of reverse speech in human dialogue, audio clips played backwards appear to be saying what the unconscious mind is thinking. Jeremy welcomes David John Oates to discuss the messages in current events along with some of the most famous events in history and what they might mean.
  • Ep. #635: EXTRATERRESTRIAL RELATIONS w/ Sylvain Rochon & Claude Chevey

    If we were to engage with extraterrestrials, much like foreign relations among countries, a protocol must be adopted for how to deal with making contact with another race. Jeremy welcomes Sylvain Rochon and Claude Chevey to discuss plans to build an embassy to engage diplomatically with an alien race and the implications of first contact.
  • Ep. #634: DISC-LOSING w/ Chris Aubeck

    Disc-shaped UFOs have been reported throughout history, but they’re almost non-existent anymore. The flying saucer has since been replaced by new shapes and designs that witnesses are reporting. Jeremy welcomes Chris Aubeck to discuss the origins and evolution of flying saucers and a review of Kenneth Arnold’s famous sighting in 1947.