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#658 How To Gain Attention and Trust from Students w/ Dave Burgman, CEO & Founder of The Raptor Group

Ep. 658

In this episode we're joined by Dave Burgman, CEO & Founder of The Raptor Group. David is an experienced marketer who founded the student marketing agency, The Raptor Group. After founding the company in 2016, they quickly secured business from global, disruptor brands such as Deliveroo and Uber.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How The Raptor Group attracted the interest of brands including Deliveroo. Uber and Tinder
  • How to effectively work with student ambassadors
  • How student nightclub promotions have evolved since 2017
  • How protective are US 'disruptors' of their brand when entering the UK market?
  • Is a brand purpose more important than utility?




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#665 [From The Archive] Communicating With Authenticity w/ Christine Michel Carter

Ep. 665
I'm back next Thursday with new episodes of the podcast, but this week I wanted to re-release one of my favourite podcasts from our archives. This is a conversation I had with Christine Michel Carter around 18 months ago on the topic of communicating with authenticity. It's a timely episode for me to revisit personally, but I think the principles and stories Christine shares are applicable and relatable to many of us. Enjoy the episode and see you next week!In this episode we discuss:How Christine commits to authenticity in her writing and how writers, journalists, and marketers can tooUsing feedback from your audience and vulnerability in your writing to improve your communicationThe best way to approach and work with influencersThe current state of authenticity and social mediaExamples of people and brands that do a great job of leading with authenticityReferenced on this episode:[Book] Mom AF by Christine Michel Carter[Book] Not Just Black and White by Dr. Anni Reinking[Article] The Complete Guide to Generation Alpha, The Children of Millenials by Christine Michel Carter[YouTube Channel]: Dhar MannGrammarly writing assistantHelp a Reporter OutTrelloCONNECT WITH CHRISTINE: WITH SITEVISIBILITY: