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#607 How To Be Truly Customer-First with Martin Newman, Founder of The Customer First Group

In today's episode we're joined by Martin Newman, Founder of The Customer First Group.

Martin is a consumer champion and author of the book, 'The Power of Customer Experience'. With extensive experience in the world of customer centricity, he joins us to share his best advice and examples of how companies can commit to delivering truly best-in-class customer experiences.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Martin's early lessons in customer service from working in his father's opticians in Glasgow
  • How 'cost-to-serve' financial models impact customer-centricity
  • Why businesses to focus on being people-first before being able to become customer-first
  • Examples of how to empower your employees to be customer first
  • Is customer service better in the US than in the UK?
  • Is Amazon a customer-centric brand?
  • How to offer best-in-class eCommerce experiences

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#633 What Do You Learn from an MBA? with Sabrina Chevannes, Managing Director of Complex Creative

Ep. 633
In this episode we're joined by Sabrina Chevannes, Managing Director of Complex Creative. Sabrina is an International Chess Master, Chess Tutor, Author, Business Owner, WordPress Specialist, member of MENSA, and she recently completed an Executive MBA in Business Administration. Sabrina joins us to discuss her thoughts on self-development within creative industries, self-learning vs further education and lessons she's applied to her creative agency from a recently completed MBA.In this episode, we discuss:The challenges of finding business mentorsWhat are the benefits of being a business mentor?How companies can encourage a culture of knowledge sharingHow formal education and self-learning can work togetherThe potential benefits of MBAs for business ownersReferenced on this episode: WITH SABRINA/COMPLEX CREATIVE: WITH SCOTT:scott.colenutt@sitevisibility.com WITH SITEVISIBILITY: you have feedback, you'd like to be a guest, you'd like to recommend a guest or there are topics you'd us to cover, please send this to