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Old Gold – Refurbished Offices Are The Key To A Sustainable Future

Season 6, Ep. 3

Liam speaks to Janine Cole from GPE and Will Matthews to uncover the economic and green challenges and opportunities from retrofitting office buildings.


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    Liam Bailey talks to Knight Frank’s rural experts Isabel Swift and Andrew Shirley to understand a burgeoning new property asset class. 
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    Liam is joined by Knight Frank’s head of debt advisory - Lisa Attenborough - to assess the fallout for developers and investors fromrolling banking turmoil.
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    The Knight Frank research team take apart Wednesday’s budget, discuss the SVB collapse, and consider outlook for the UK base rate – with some bold predictions.
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    The wealthy are moving, and competition to attract them (and their tax revenue) is rising. Liam Bailey speaks to leading mobility expert Kristin Surak. Kristin’s research on golden passports, international migration, nationalism, and politics has been translated into a half-dozen languages, and her latest book, The Golden Passport: Global Mobility for Millionaires, will be published by Harvard University Press in 2023.
  • 2. Office Market Reinvention

    If you thought you would be working at home five days a week - Lee Elliot has some bad news for you. Lee explains to your host Liam Bailey why the office market has never been more active, more innovative and more creative. It’s time to dust off the business casual and fight for your hot desk.
  • 1. Unpacking Net Zero

    The team assess what the latest UK government report on net zero means for property, and discuss whether ESG is fit for purpose or whether a simpler approach might help meet industry objectives.
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    Our 2022 season ends with a Christmas special with the Knight Frank research team bringing you a review of the key risks and opportunities for property investors during the year ahead. 
  • 6. What's Next For the Global Housing Markets

    In this week's episode, Liam Bailey and Kate Everett-Allen take the pulse of the world’s luxury housing markets and set out the new 2023 Knight Frank Global Residential Forecast.