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Britain’s wine boom heats up land market for vines

Season 4, Ep. 7

This week we take a look at Britain's wine boom and how it is impacting the land market. British sparkling wine in particular has been portrayed as one of the wine world's big success stories. While it currently only represents a fraction of global sales, sales are growing. Overall, there are now over 700 vineyards in England and Wales.  

Anna speaks to Richard Balfour-Lynn, formerly CEO of MWB Group Holdings, the owner of Malmaison and Hotel du Vin. Richard is co-founder of Balfour Winery – on the Hush Heath Estate in Kent, one of England’s biggest wine producers which makes over 400,000 bottles of still and sparkling wines each year. 

We also hear from Knight Frank head of viticulture Ed Mansel Lewis. Ed’s role sees him support vineyard managers and wine producers grow their business.

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