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How AI is changing cyber insurance

Post Podcast: How AI is being used to create more convincing scams, and how cyber insurance needs to evolve.

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  • Post Claims Club Podcast: Shift Technology’s George Robbins

    In the first of a series of interviews with key figures in the claims space, Post content director Jonathan Swift caught up with Shift Technology’s new head of UK markets George Robbins.
  • Why loss adjusting is not just a science – it is an art

    While technology has created new ways of carrying out inspections, accessing information and communicating, how loss adjusters has managed to remain an art rather than simply a science is explored in the latest Insurance Post Podcast.
  • How insurers can support menopausal colleagues

    How menopause myths can be debunked, ways to help women going through this stage of life, plus methods to gain more male allies are outlined in the podcast.
  • Tackling Sexism in the City

    Post Podcast: The Financial Conduct Authority is seeking to create a culture in insurance where people can speak up, challenge, and be confident the issues they identify will be investigated and addressed.
  • Scanning the horizon for connected and complex risks

    Post Podcast: How insurers are scanning the horizon, spotting risks, and pricing services and products appropriately in an increasingly complex, interconnected world is the topic of the latest Insurance Post Podcast.
  • Why social housing providers need to update their cover

    Post Podcast: Why social housing providers should be prompted to update their insurance coverage and give accurate rebuild costs by conducting reinstatement cost assessments is the topic of the latest Insurance Post Podcast.
  • What is going on with electric vehicle insurance?

    What pushed up the price of electric vehicle insurance plus the steps providers are taking to ensure premiums are affordable is the topic of the latest Insurance Post Podcast.
  • Insurance Post Power List 2024’s Top 10 Podcast

    To find out who made it into the Top 10 of Insurance Post’s Power List for 2024, make sure you listen to the latest Insurance Post Podcast.