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The Future of Health Care with Taylor Sittler

Amrit is joined by Physician, Entrepreneur and Head of Research at Levels, Taylor Sittler

In this episode they explore the future of health care, personalising medicine, prioritising health over disease and honing in on the body’s innate resilience


02:36 - Health and tech convergence: a preventative look at wellbeing

06:40 - The future of health care swings back to basics focusing on health and not disease

12:21 - Understanding the fundamentals of hormones

21:13 - Where's the sex appeal in a healthy balanced life?

25:34 - The truth behind EMF bluetooth radiation and health trackers

32:13 - The body's response to stressors is the key to ALL aspects of health

33:39 - How to tackle the multidimensionality of stressors an average person faces in a day

40:54 - A simple 3-point check list to build resilience

43:36 - Recovery is essential to developing adaptability

46:47 - Allostasis and the future of health care with Levels



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