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Agile Fluency with Diana Larsen

Season 3, Ep. 70

Teams need diversity and care to perform well says Diana Larsen. In this conversation Diana talks about the relevance of Agile Fluency beyond the boundaries of teams reaching into social issues like racial inequity. Diana talks about fear being the driver of American business culture and conflict avoidance the greatest threat to society. In avoiding the trust and skills to learn from conflict is the US escalating the tension to violence? In the context of a pandemic and forest fires in Oregon, Diana shares her view on how what is being on with teams applies to wider issues.

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Host: Dawna Jones

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How to Hire for the Meaning and Self-Engagement that Make Us Resilient in Pandemics and at Work

Season 4, Ep. 72
In the first of this series on using Covid to advance business thinking and doing,High Performance Storyfounder Cameron Powell draws on his own experience with adversity, and the importance of meaning, to explain why the way companies search for talent actively filters out talent, as well as diversity and innovation - and why adversity is a good teacher for unpredictable times. “You can’t find the growth mindset of innovators,” he says, “from the fixed mindset of today’s hiring.”In this provocative, contrarian, and wide-ranging conversation, you’ll learn:Why the capacity to manage scary uncertainty - evident in the courageous non-conformity of artists, deep readers, meditators, and entrepreneurs - is absolutely critical to creativity and innovationWhy we should focus on underlying strengths - strategy, empathy, problem-solving - instead of taking lazy shortcuts of asking for specific credentialsWhy the self-employed are masters at the self-engagement and autonomous work that’s crucial to working remotelyWhy using applicant tracking systems to scan resumes can be “the biggest con” in talent, offering us the illusion we’ve discerned things worth discerningWhy “prior experience” ignores learning in, passion for, or even success in an experience - but actively filters out diversity of thought and innovationWhy HR needs more of just about every background but MBAs and people with HR credentialsWhy cover letters should ask candidates to focus on how they get into the Flow stateCameron is a founding member of Humancentric Labs, a consultancy specializing in freeing up human potential for maximum worker engagement and productivity. Cameron has a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Colorado, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School. Cameron recently publishedOrdinary Magic: Promises I Made My Mother Through Life, Illness, and a Very Long Walk.Intro music is a track called Alignment by Mark Romero Music