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  • Social Media Cartography with Alex the Map Nerd

    Guest: Alex, the Map NerdIn this episode, we're joined by Alex, the social media sensation known as the Map Nerd, who has taken the digital world by storm with his unique insights into maps and geography. From the bustling streets of Birmingham to the serene landscapes of Lille in Northern France, we journey through tales of passion, discovery, and the ever-evolving world of maps. Plus, don't miss our special audio postcard segment that brings the world closer to you.Episode Summary:Guest Spotlight: Alex, the Map Nerd, discusses his journey from a traditional career in entertainment to becoming a social media sensation with over half a million followers. He shares insights into the world of maps in the digital age, the power of social media in shaping map content, and the importance of engaging with a community of map enthusiasts.Notable Quotes from Alex:"It shows you when you really follow your passion. People start to notice.""People want to learn. They want to know something interesting. They don't just want to watch someone dancing or fall over.""We're in a new age of maps and geography and it's really exciting, but you also have to understand what people are intrigued by."Audio Postcard from Lille: Claire Astbury takes listeners on a virtual journey to Lille in Northern France. She highlights the city's rich history, its transformation as a tourist destination, and the fascinating "plan relief" or miniature model maps housed in the Palais des Beaux Arts.

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  • Uncharted Horizons: Pallet Bo's Epic Journey Around the World

    Palle Bo a Danish radio producer and modern digital nomad who aims to visit all the countries in the world. In today's captivating conversation, Clare and Roifield have the pleasure of diving into the extraordinary journey of Palle, a Danish radio producer and intrepid explorer. For the first 51 years of his life, Palle found himself rooted in the same rural part of Denmark, dedicated to his children's education. However, a revelation struck him: he could work remotely from anywhere in the world. With this newfound freedom, Palle embarked on an ambitious quest to circumnavigate the globe.Originally planning to complete his global odyssey in just 80 weeks, Palle's wanderlust grew stronger, prompting him to extend his expedition to two years, then four years, and now an incredible five-year adventure. With no desire to halt his nomadic lifestyle, Palle shares his unwavering passion for travel and the endless possibilities it brings.In our intriguing conversation, Palle unveils the artistry behind his travel escapades, driven by his meticulous planning skills honed through his background as a graphic designer. Join us as we delve into the captivating narrative of Palle's globetrotting exploits and uncover the transformative power of embracing a life on the move.
  • Queer Spaces: An Atlas of LGBTQIA+ Places and Stories

    This month we look at the LGBTQIA+ community that has always found ways to exist and bond. Adam Nathaniel Furman and Joshua Mardell have brought together a team of authors to tell stories of spaces, from educational and institutional to re-appropriated and beyond, in their colorful and detailed book Queer Spaces. This book pays homage to the past, present, and future of the community, celebrating LGBTQIA+ life as powerful and deserving of its own place in history. It also looks ahead to the potential form these spaces may take in the coming years to continue promoting queer lives.
  • Ken Field

    Ken is an academic cartographer and geographer from the UK who lives in California since 2011 he teaches, talks and writes about cartography,and makes maps.
  • Simon Kuestenmacher - Random Maps: The World in Over 100 Unusual Maps

    Roifield and Claire speak to the map man himself about his new book
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  • Ralph Velasco - The Continental DRIFTER

    Ralph Velasco is the Founder and CEO (Chief Experience Officer) of PhotoEnrichment Adventures and Alla Campagna Experiences, as well as a travel photography instructor and seasoned international guide who has photographed in over 70 countries on 6 continents.