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why i believe in a morning routine

Season 3, Ep. 8

EP57 - my morning routine is so important to me and i know not everyone has one. i have tools and different variations of my routine that i use depending on how i feel when i wake up. learning to act intuitively so i can set myself up for the best day possible has been a journey so i wanted to share what i have learnt so far. hope you enjoy, tell me about your morning routines over on my instagram (@insideannasmind), lotsa love as always xxx

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  • 4. moving to australia, leaving gymshark and opening up about my relationship

    there's been a LOT of change recently... so let's catch up!! i share my reasons for moving to australia, why i stopped being a gymshark athlete and the story of how my boyfriend and i met xxx this episode is very kindly sponsored by Healf, an online wellness retailer who believe you should have access to everything you need to achieve health all in one place. the products i mentioned in this episode are; LMNT electrolytes, thorne creatine and the theragun mini. you can use code ANNA to save 15% off your order here -
  • 3. the reality of training for a marathon

    EP74 - i have just completed my second marathon, how crazy?! in this episode which I recorded before the LA marathon, i wanted to capture my mindset just ahead of the race, share what i have learnt along the way and give you an update on my fitness journey in general. i discuss fuelling, ways to approach your training, the struggles with my relationship with the gym currently, finding the right trainers and more. hope this helps, lotsa love as always xoxothis episode of inside anna's mind is very kindly sponsored by Healf, an online wellness retailer who believe you should have access to everything you need to achieve health all in one place. in this episode, i talk about why i love shopping through Healf and the products I have been loving in my training, included thorne creatine and LMNT electrolytes. you can use code ANNA to save 15% off your order here -
  • 2. i love boundaries

    EP73 - recently, i have felt that my decisions and how i am living my life has been overly influenced by others and what i think i should do rather than what i actually want. this episode is what you need to hear if you feel the same. we need to prioritise setting boundaries, tuning into what it is we want and learning to communicate effectively so we can navigate situations that impact ourselves and others productively. your life isn't yours if you constantly care what others think. hope this helps, lotsa love as always xoxo
  • 1. little miss stress head

    EP72 - wow i have been so busy lately and i won't lie i have been struggling quite a bit. in general, i have felt overwhelmed and my creativity has felt stifled so i have opened up to people, reflected on my thoughts and behaviours, and have taken action. these actions have helped me so much in the past week or so, so i wanted to share them with you in the hopes that they will help you if you relate. reminder: you are enough, you are doing amazingly and it is okay to feel a little lost or overwhelmed at times, you are growing, learning and allowing yourself to become stronger. lotsa love as always xoxo
  • 23. more about my journey

    EP71 - there's definitely some new people here so i thought i would do a q&a to get to know me a little better. in this episode, i cover my childhood growing up in 17 different homes, my parents' separation and my dad passing away. you also wanted to know if I had any regrets within my relationships, my recovery journey and my career. there is a lot in this episode and it is quite random but i loved sharing this with you and really hope you enjoy it nonetheless. lotsa love as always xoxo
  • 22. my top tips on communication

    EP70 - whoever said communication is key knew what they were talking about. in this episode, i catch you guys up on my life recently and talk all things communication. the power that intentional and effective communication has is honestly life changing. whether this is with your family, your friends, your boyfriend, your girlfriend or with strangers. how you speak, react and use your verbal and non-verbal language impacts everything. it's an ongoing journey with constant lessons but we are learning together and always making progress. lotsa love as always xoxo
  • 21. understanding emotions and finding your coping mechanisms

    EP69 - so i did an event at the weekend with a q&a and thought it would be useful to share some of the answers i gave there. in this episode, i talk a lot about what i have learnt in terms of coping mechanisms for different stresses and challenges that often come along in life. whether that is waking up with anxiety, feeling frustrated towards a loved one or friend or comparing yourself to other people. whilst we have to accept that this will happen throughout life, we can become better at managing our reaction towards it and how we deal with it, that's the part that really matters. i hope you guys can relate and take something from this, lotsa love as always xoxo
  • 20. build small habits, change your life

    EP68 - we are constantly evolving and there is such beauty in that. we have an opportunity each day to make subtle changes to become who we want to be and achieve the goals we have set ourselves. coming back from Australia, there are a lot of small habits i want to prioritise maintaining and building upon, such as being more organised, cooking meals myself to fuel my body properly, improving my sleep pattern and more. maybe this can inspire some new habits for you or provide some motivation to dedicate yourself to creating habits that benefit your personal goals...lotsa love as always xoxo
  • 19. your body doesn't need fixing, your relationship with it does

    EP67 - have you ever considered that the answer to your problems doesn't lie in losing weight and that it could be in healing the relationship you have with your body? i know from experience that your happiness and opportunities do not come from dieting and exercising to the point where you achieve a 'dream body'. your physical appearance cannot and will not resolve the issues you have that are related to your mental or emotional wellbeing. this episode is all about breaking down those bad body image days, how to deal with them and how to be kind to yourself because you are enough just as you are. let's focus on shifting that negative and unproductive mindset rather than numbers on the scales this year. lotsa love as always xoxo