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understanding your mind and accepting parts of yourself

Season 2, Ep. 22

EP44 - stop working against yourself and start working with yourself. that's what i needed to hear this week. our brains are quirky, unique and work in weird and wonderful ways, rather than changing them, let's work to understand them and appreciate them. there is so much growth and joy to come from understanding ourselves and the way our minds work. for me, i have had so many realisations recently about learning to not fear my thoughts, understanding my attachment style and so much more. i hope you enjoy and this encourages you to reflect and tune into your mind. lotsa love as always x

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  • 10. love lessons and relationship realisations

    EP58 - I am almost 1 year post long-term relationship breakup! the past year has been such a huge time for my personal growth and I have learnt a lot about myself and relationships that I want to share. whether you are looking for love, fresh out of a breakup or happily single, I think there is something everyone can relate to in this episode. lotsa love as always xxx
  • 9. learn from my running journey!!

    EP57 - a lot of you guys have been requesting this so here it is! all my current thoughts and learnings about fitness and running. please remember i am not a pro but just wanted to share my learnings, tips and recommendations. whether you've run 75487 marathons or you're just starting out, hopefully there's something in this for you. lotsa love as always xxx
  • 8. why i believe in a morning routine

    EP57 - my morning routine is so important to me and i know not everyone has one. i have tools and different variations of my routine that i use depending on how i feel when i wake up. learning to act intuitively so i can set myself up for the best day possible has been a journey so i wanted to share what i have learnt so far. hope you enjoy, tell me about your morning routines over on my instagram (@insideannasmind), lotsa love as always xxx
  • 7. living outside your comfort zone

    EP56 - i've been pretty good at trying new thing recently and it's made me realise how much growth comes from it. we need to learn to be okay with being uncomfortable, imperfect and in a period of growth. i truly think this mindset can change your life, lotsa love as always xxx
  • 6. 'confidence is key' but what is the key to confidence?

    EP55 - feeling confident has nothing to do with the way you look and everything to do with your mindset. in this episode i talk through all the ways i have learnt to feel more confident in myself and the tools i use. i think we can all learn so much from talking about how to be confident so hopefully this helps you, lotsa love as always xxx
  • 5. feel good first, set goals second

    EP54 - in this episode, i talk all about a recent chat with a friend and the realisations that came from it. from understanding that you need to show up and feel proud of yourself first to inspiring others through your actions to expressing your true self, this is something we all need to think about and hear. I really hope you enjoy this one, I loved speaking about it, lotsa love as always xxx
  • 4. coping mechanisms, communication and catching up

    EP53 - your coping mechanisms are allowed to change, your boundaries are a key responsibility and you are allowed to want better communication. I am back with another episode after an unexpected break (life just got super busy guys, I missed you) but that break meant I have so many new realisations and mindset shifts that I want to unpack with you guys. I would love to know if and how any of this resonates with you. Lotsa love as always xxx
  • 3. unlocking new levels of you

    EP52 - hey guys! in this episode, i share the ways i feel like i have levelled up recently and how we have to let go of the past in order to do so. i have overcome a lot of mental hurdles recently when it comes to my confidence, embracing my femininity and trying new things. i think there is a lot we can all relate to here, we need to push ourselves forward rather than hold ourselves back because of old beliefs and ways of thinking <3 lotsa love x
  • 2. the art of speaking kindly to yourself

    EP51 - hey guys! ran out of time to record a long episode this week but didn't want to miss the chance to speak to you. i have been struggling with not feeling good enough lately and realised that a lot of this comes from that little critic in my brain so i am prioritising positive and kind self-talk. this includes managing my reactions to situations, telling myself i am capable and can do hard things and just overall cutting myself some slack. i hope this is useful, please let me know if you relate at all <3 lotsa love x