Inside Anna's Mind


news flash: humans are complicated

Season 2, Ep. 16

EP38 - we're all complicated, it's not just you. this episode covers A LOT, from attachment styles to navigating relationships within your life to learning to love differently. i hope it makes you think and question some of your perspectives and actions in a good way. we are always growing and with that comes learning and new ways of understanding people and ourselves. as always, lotsa love xxx

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  • 26. becoming perfectly okay with not being perfect

    EP48 - speaking to my gym crush for the first time?! struggling with balance now it is summer?! how i put men in their place?! it's alllllll covered in this episode. it is a big old realisation round up with the general theme being that we are not perfect, that is absolutely okay and learning through error is actually a pretty great way to live life and notice growth. i am sure you will relate to some or all of what i speak about in some way and hope that it provides a level of comfort or maybe even a new perspective. enjoy and lotsa love as always xxx
  • 25. seizing the summer season

    EP47 - this summer is not about looking perfect, having the best tan or being on top of every single part of our life. this summer is about fun, making memories, allowing ourselves the opportunity to grow and accepting ourselves exactly as we are. i talk fast in this episode and it's honestly because the realisation that summer is allowed to be a time where i enjoy myself and embrace it rather than spend my time worrying about how i look and what others think. i hope it gets you excited and in the same mindset, lotsa love as always xx
  • 24. wanting to improve whilst recognising self-development

    EP46 - this is a big catch up episode. I slowed down a bit this week (compared to last week) which gave me time to realise how far I have come. This podcast is growing and it fills me with so much gratitude, I attended a number of events recently which taught me a lot about myself, but I am also learning more about the areas I think I can improve on such as acting on my intuition and implementing old habits in a new healthier way compared to my past. Lotsa love as always, enjoy! xThis episode was kindly sponsored by FreeSoul, I have been using their products for over 6 months and love their FS-greens in particular which I have every single day. You can use code ANNA for 15% off everything and you can shop here -
  • 23. getting organised, setting boundaries and pushing our limits

    EP45 - you need boundaries to protect yourself but you also need to understand the power within you to exceed your own limits and the expectations of others. when we prioritise ourself by taking action based on a boundary we have in place, we are actively choosing ourself and putting ourselves in a position to thrive and reach our full potential. this episode is alllll about how i have realised this recently, why i am no longer a fan of the word 'productivity' and some of the lessons i am unlearning surrounding balance. also, happy 1 year to inside anna's mind!! lotsa love as always, enjoy! x
  • 22. understanding your mind and accepting parts of yourself

    EP44 - stop working against yourself and start working with yourself. that's what i needed to hear this week. our brains are quirky, unique and work in weird and wonderful ways, rather than changing them, let's work to understand them and appreciate them. there is so much growth and joy to come from understanding ourselves and the way our minds work. for me, i have had so many realisations recently about learning to not fear my thoughts, understanding my attachment style and so much more. i hope you enjoy and this encourages you to reflect and tune into your mind. lotsa love as always x
  • 21. exam season: stress, pressure and balancing priorities

    EP43 - this episode is like one big voice note from me to you. exam season is scary, hard and exhausting but i know you can do it. in this episode, i talk about how I have learnt to cope with exams and stress, my advice for balancing your priorities and looking after yourself during this time and so much more. you guys asked the questions so i really do hope it helps. enjoy, lotsa love as always x
  • 20. switching up lifestyle and fitness goals

    EP42 - so you're bored of your old gym routine? so you're fed up of not having enough social plans? so you're falling back into hold habits and you don't want to? guess what, we can make proactive changes to our lifestyle and goals to counteract it. it's all a learning process with yourself and something i am investing a lot of time into recently. focus on the stuff that heals you, feeds your energy, brings your happiness and changes your life in the best way. hope you enjoy, lotsa love as always x
  • 19. processing emotions, moments of growth and letting people in

    EP41 - let's catch tf up, it's been a while. i had a lot going on in the past few weeks which meant i took a little break but it also meant i learnt a lot and have so much to share. in this episode, i talk all about how beneficial it is to properly process your emotions and hit pause on life sometimes to come back stronger. i also talk about how the challenges we are thrown are the opportunities we are given to test our strength and be confronted with things we can learn and draw value from. this honestly felt like a phone call to a bestie and i hope you enjoy. lotsa love as always x
  • 18. the power of sleep (and all my tips)

    EP40 - this episode could transform your sleep. even if you think you're a good sleeper, you will still learn something about how to make it even better. i have been doing my research and putting it into practice so now it's time to share all of my tips and the changes i have made to get better sleep. getting quality sleep is such a powerful and important thing, just like food and exercise, it will make you a better version of yourself. i hope you like this episode, lotsa love as always xxx