Inside Anna's Mind


recovering from an eating disorder

Season 1, Ep. 14

EP14 - hey guys, i hope you are all good! in this episode, i talk about a topic that is highly requested and that is my eating disorder recovery. i'm not going to lie and say it is an easy thing to go through but i want to create a safe space for you in this episode and show you that it is possible. i hope this sheds some light on areas where you have questions such as how to overcome intrusive thoughts, learning to love your post-recovery body and understanding the mindsets that contribute to negative behaviour patterns. i really hope this is useful but if at any point you feel as though it is all overwhelming and you're not in the right headspace to listen, hit pause and come back another day when it makes sense for you. sending so much love always x

if you want any more information regarding the topics i talk about surrounding mental health, visit this page for information and resources -

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