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Season 3, Ep. 10

EP58 - I am almost 1 year post long-term relationship breakup! the past year has been such a huge time for my personal growth and I have learnt a lot about myself and relationships that I want to share. whether you are looking for love, fresh out of a breakup or happily single, I think there is something everyone can relate to in this episode. lotsa love as always xxx

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  • 16. you can live a more positive life

    EP64 - life cannot and will not always be positive and perfect BUT there are steps we can take to create and introduce more positivity. in this episode, i share my learnings, mindsets and tips of how to live a more positive life. it's in the everyday actions, how you speak to yourself, who you surround yourself with and so much more which i talk about. i hope you and enjoy and gain something from this episode, lotsa love as always xxx
  • 15. you need to stop being so hard on yourself

    EP63 - procrastination, comparison, planning your rest, making mistakes and accepting failure as part of the's all in this episode. i know this time of year is stressful in work and with exams/assignments at school but let me be the voice to remind you that you are enough, you are trying your hardest and you need to continue to be kind to yourself even when under a lot of pressure. these periods of our lives and how we handle these stressors teach us a lot of valuable information about ourselves and give us tools to navigate our lives, don't underestimate the growth you are currently experiencing. i really hope you guys enjoy this one (these topics were HIGHLY requested), lotsa love as always xxx
  • 14. your all or nothing approach is stopping your success

    EP62 - we can't do it all and we often learn this the hard way. in this episode, i wanted to talk about how slowing down and removing pressure can benefit you and bring more success in work, in friendships, in your relationship with food, exercising and so much more. i think we can all resonate with this and i hope you enjoy, lotsa love as always xxx
  • 13. situationships, anxious attachment and my red flags

    EP61 - let's get this episode, i wanted to share some of my recent realisations on love, relationships and all things anxious attachment. i have learnt a lot about myself and what i would want in a relationship easily so also run through a big list of my green and red flags. hopefully this helps you and/or you resonate, lotsa love as always xxx
  • 12. go with the flow and let yourself grow

    EP60 - i am in australia!! i am having such a great time whilst away and have already learnt SO much about myself (there's A LOT in this episode guys) including learning to have more fun, being more spontaneous, socialising and maintaining my sense of self whilst out of my usual routine. there is so much in this that i am sure everyone can relate to. lotsa love as always xo
  • 11. finding your people

    EP59 - this episode really is just what was on my mind in that moment, from how my birthday week went, the power of new friendships and my feelings about my upcoming travels. sometimes i feel as though i have all the answers and advice for you guys but today i didn't so used this as a form of therapy in the hopes that some of you relate to my experiences. lotsa love as always xo
  • 9. learn from my running journey!!

    EP57 - a lot of you guys have been requesting this so here it is! all my current thoughts and learnings about fitness and running. please remember i am not a pro but just wanted to share my learnings, tips and recommendations. whether you've run 75487 marathons or you're just starting out, hopefully there's something in this for you. lotsa love as always xxx
  • 8. why i believe in a morning routine

    EP57 - my morning routine is so important to me and i know not everyone has one. i have tools and different variations of my routine that i use depending on how i feel when i wake up. learning to act intuitively so i can set myself up for the best day possible has been a journey so i wanted to share what i have learnt so far. hope you enjoy, tell me about your morning routines over on my instagram (@insideannasmind), lotsa love as always xxx