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The Independents’ policy setting power, unhappy Greens and a perilous position for the government

Despite the government's comfortable defeat of a motion of no confidence this week, the fallout continues as it reacts to the forthcoming lifting of the eviction ban. "They've made a hames of it," according to Pat Leahy. Jack Horgan Jones analyses how Green support is slipping among young voters and the number of WhatsApp leaks is indicative of a very unhappy party. Plus, the attitude to the Windsor Framework in Brussels and is Leo Varadkar in the make-or-break phase of his political career?

Hugh's article of the week is Finn McRedmond's opinion piece on whether this generation is worse off than its parents.

Pat particularly enjoyed Fintan O'Toole' grudging admission that he's finally fallen in love with rugby.

Jack Horgan Jones recommends Mark Paul's London Letter, after attending the annual Press and Political Reception at the Irish embassy in Belgravia.

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