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Migration front and centre as accommodation crisis deepens

Host Pat Leahy and political correspondents Jack Horgan-Jones and Harry McGee discuss the week in politics:

The critical shortage of accommodation for people arriving in Ireland to apply for International Protection was everywhere in the news this week, as was the row between the UK and Ireland over returning migrants. The Government desperately needs to build a system that can process asylum seekers quickly and efficiently, and provide accommodation in the meantime.

The outcome of local elections in the UK points to a potentially catastrophic general election for the Tories

In Scotland, the SNP's diminished status means independence seems further away than any point since before the 2015 referendum

They also pick their favourite Irish Times articles of the week.

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  • Will the by-elections ever take place?

    Hugh Linehan is joined by Pat Leahy and Harry McGee to look back at the week in politics. With our recent obsession on the local and European elections winding down, today we take a look at the week's Dáil debates and at the "guillotining through" of the huge piece of legislation that is the Planning Bill into its final stage. The panel also discuss whether Dáil vacancies arising as a result of TDs becoming MEPs will ever be filled in the lifetime of this Government. The panel also pick their Irish Times articles of the week.
  • Election Daily: Taking stock as the election winds down

    With some European seats still to be filled but the overall picture of these elections now fairly clear, Pat Leahy joins Hugh for a final episode of Election Daily to answer some outstanding questions. How did small parties including the Greens, the Social Democrats and Labour do in the end? And with counts dragging on, is it too easy for unserious candidates to get on the European ballot?
  • A rightward shift in European politics

    Citizens of the EU used their votes in last week's elections to maintain centre-right control of the European Parliament, while shifting the overall makeup of the legislature a little further to the right. Brussels correspondent Jack Power joins Hugh to explore how the EU parliament has just changed, whether the new right will be able to form a voting bloc, and what the new Parliament means for EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen's hope's of a second term. And Berlin correspondent Derek Scally looks at the success of formerly fringe parties like the far-right AfD in Germany's European election. Could the taboo of far-right involvement in German national governance be nearing an end?
  • Election Daily: Sinn Féin’s leadership under scrutiny

    Hugh Linehan is joined by Jennifer Bray and Cormac McQuinn on day four of the count.Only a handful of seats remain unfilled in the local elections with Fianna Fáil slightly ahead of Fine Gael for the majority of seats. Sinn Féin now has 100 seats which is an improvement on its disastrous 2019 election, however Jennifer Bray has reported on the growing unease within the party over Mary Lou McDonald’s leadership after their poor election results. The Dublin count is nearing its moment of truth with Barry Andrews and Regina Doherty looking comfortably in, and the final two seats still to play for. The team discuss the latest results, the possibility of an autumn election and they answer some listener questions. Minutes after recording the podcast, it was announced that outgoing MEP Clare Daly was eliminated following the 17th count of votes in the Dublin constituency.
  • Election Daily: Battle of the Boylans

    Hugh Linehan is joined by Pat Leahy and Cormac McQuinn to discuss the latest developments:It is day three of the local and European election count and seats in all four MEP constituencies are still in play. In Dublin, much will depend on where votes from soon-to-be-eliminated candidates end up. Will Independent Ireland's Niall Boylan be able to capitalise, or will Sinn Féin's Lynn Boylan fare better?There is no shortage of analysis of Sinn Féin's disappointing election and what it means. Fintan O'Toole thinks the era of the party acting as a buffer against right wing politics is over.Meanwhile many other EU member states are experiencing a surge in support for far-right parties and candidates, but not enough to displace the centrist coalition from control of the European Parliament.
  • Election Daily: Simon Harris tells us why he won't call an early election despite good news for Coalition

    As the count continues on this busy election weekend, it is delight for Taoiseach Simon Harris and Fine Gael as the local election picture becomes clearer, but the final results, particularly in the European contest, won’t be known for several more days.The Taoiseach had a pep in his step as he entered the count centre at the RDS today. Speaking to Inside Politics podcast host Hugh Linehan, he explained that while there is no “transfer pact” among government parties, he thinks voters believe “Government is doing an okay job, and are transferring amongst parties”, something which will inform the election results.“That the Government will do its full term is important and I look forward to continuing that,” he said.Meanwhile, the volatility of the Sinn Féin vote caught Mary Lou McDonald by surprise. While there is no denying that the going has not been great for them so far, could total disaster be averted if the party make modest gains in some local election constituencies?And what of the Green Party? It will be a real challenge for them to hold on to their MEPs, and it also looks as though there have been significant losses at local level.Hugh Linehan is joined by Jack-Horgan Jones, Harry McGee and Taoiseach Simon Harris (briefly) on the Inside Politics Election Daily podcast as we get a clearer picture from count centres around the country.Sign up for Politics push alerts and have the best news, analysis and comment delivered directly to your phoneFind The Irish Times on WhatsApp and stay up to date
  • Election Daily: The first winners and losers emerge

    It is Saturday afternoon of a busy election weekend and while it is still far too early to draw conclusions about many aspects of the local and European contests, some trends are beginning to emerge. One of those trends is that Sinn Féin’s recent drop in opinion polls is being confirmed at the ballot box, the party’s support at these elections lower now than six months ago. Meanwhile the Coalition parties are cautiously optimistic that losses will be less than feared, while independent candidates look set to make gains. Hugh Linehan is joined by Pat Leahy and Jennifer Bray to assess what we are learning from tallies and the first results from count centres around the country.
  • Election Daily: Who will top the poll and who will get sucked into 'the bear pit'?

    As voters go to the polls, Hugh Linehan, Pat Leahy, and Jack Horgan-Jones make some final predictions about how the weekend will play out. Which European candidates should be safe in their constituencies, and who is at risk of being sucked into a days-long transfer battle to seize a third, fourth or fifth seat?
  • Election Daily: Tempers flare among candidates as polling day approaches

    Hugh Linehan is joined by Jennifer Bray and Sarah Burns to discuss Thursday on the campaign trail:With polling day almost upon us, some running in the European elections have been engaging in a ‘war of words’, with members of Fine Gael and the Green Party butting heads on the campaign trail. Is all this ‘clawing at each other’ simply a final bid for cut through before votes are cast, or a taste of what a general election could look like?And is the broadcasting moratorium relevant or wise anymore given the amount of stories that seem to break right before polls open? Even the Minister for Housing is sceptical.Plus: Jen’s how-to guide will arm you with all the necessary knowledge as you set off with your polling card on Friday.